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Title The Specifics of Veneration of St. Christopher in Russia and the Iconography of the Martyr in Old Believers’ Art.
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About author Naydenova, Darya Vadimovna — Ph. D. student. Saint-Petersburg State University, Universitetskaianab., 7/9, 199034 St. Petersburg, Russian Federation.
In the section Mediaeval Russian Art DOI 10.18688/aa177-4-47
Year 2017 Volume 7 Pages 473482
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Saint Christopher is rightly considered one of the most unusual Saints of the Christian world. Hewas most often portrayed in the Orthodox tradition zoomorphic, with a head of a dog or a horse. This article is devoted to the analysis of Saint Christopher’s iconography in Old Believers’ art where the image of the martyr was especially popular.The author has made an attempt to systematize the Old Believers’ icons of the 18th–19th centuries from Russian and foreign museums, private collections, and published catalogues of the exhibitions which represent Saint Christopher’s image. It has been found that such icons continued the traditions of the Russian art of the pre-Nikonian period in many ways. However, the image of the martyr was visibly distinguished by the sweetness and softness of the zoomorphic face, elegant clothes, and simple landscapes.The healing aspect of the veneration of the Saint which was developed in Russia in the 15th century can alsobe clearly seen in the Old Believers’ monument circle where the martyr was placed together with other healers (Saints Harlampi, Antipas, Evdokia, Boniface), who together were not only the healers of physical and mental diseases, but also the liberators from earthly passions. Adherence to portraying the Saints who could help in different troubles and misfortunes was the feature of Old Believers’ icon painting. Saint Christopher is a glaring example of it.

Reference Naydenova, Darya V. The Specifics of Veneration of St. Christopher in Russia and the Iconography of the Martyr in Old Believers’ Art.. Actual Problems of Theory and History of Art: Collection of articles. Vol. 7. Ed. S. V. Mal’tseva, E. Iu. Staniukovich-Denisova, A. V. Zakharova. — St. Petersburg: St. Petersburg Univ. Press, 2017, pp. 473–482. ISSN 2312-2129. 10.18688/aa177-4-47
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