Actual Problems of Theory and History of Art

Logo GTG editPartner Museum of 2018 conference is the State Tretyakov Gallery


The Tretyakov Gallery is the main museum of Russian national art, reflecting its unique contribution to world culture. It is a hospitable museum that is known for its rich collection and variety of presented ideas.



The Tretyakov Gallery has three main goals:

  • to study, preserve, represent and popularise the art of Russia;
  • to form a Russian cultural identity, drawing the attention of society to the important role of art in general and collection in particular, and to continue the life-work of PavelTretyakov, introducing residents of the country with the national artistic heritage;
  • to make people's lives better by opening wide access to masterpieces of Russian and world art.


The Tretyakov Gallery is not just a musem but also an important research institution.

There are about 200 research staff members in the museum, including 5 Full Doctors in Art History and over 40 PhDs. The main goals of their research are the study of the museum collection (works of art, archive documents, antique books) and academic publications (books, articles, dissertations). The outcomes of this research are new attributions of artworks, exhibitions, catalogues, conference presentations.

The Tretyakov Gallery regularly organizes academic conferences on a wide range of issues related to museum studies and the Gallery's focus — Russian art, questions of its study and attribution.