Title William Hogarth and Russian Art Life
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About author Grigoryeva, Darya A. — Ph.D. student, Lomonosov Moscow State University. 27-4 Lomonosovsky prospect, GSP-1, Moscow, Russian Federation, 119991.
In the section Russian Art of the 18th - Early 20th Century
Year 2014 Volume 4 Pages 457465
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One of the important aspects of studying William Hogarth’s satirical art is consideration of infl uence of his achievements on the subsequent generations of painters. The question of importance of his works in Russia, where his art principles were developed by Pavel Andreevich Fedotov, attracts special interest. William Hogarth was well-known in Russia from the second half of the 18th c. He was rather oft en mentioned in Russian journalism of this period. Most of all Hogarth infl uenced the famous Russian genre painter Fedotov, who absorbed the heritage of the Dutch still life and genre painting, both Hogarth’s experience and that of the Russian predecessors. His paintings, as well as Hogarth’s, refl ected not only the epoch, but also the deep connection of the person and his inner world with the environment.

Reference Grigoryeva, Darya A. William Hogarth and Russian Art Life. Actual Problems of Theory and History of Art: Collection of articles. Vol. 4. Eds: Svetlana V. Maltseva, Anna V. Zakharova. St. Petersburg, NP-Print Publ., 2014, pp. 457–465. ISSN 2312-2129.
Publication Article language russian
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