Actual Problems of Theory and History of Art


Graduated from Moscow Architectural Institute in 1979. Ph. architecture (1987), PhD in Art history (1997), professor (2004). Moscow Kremlin museums Deputy Director, leading specialist in Medieval Russian and Contemporary church art at Institute of Theory and History of Art Academy of Fine Arts, also works part-time at the State Institute of Art Studies and Moscow Architectural Institute.

Andrey Batalov is a member of Academic Councils at Moscow Kremlin museums, St. Tikhon Orthodox University, State Historical Museum,  Andrei Rublyov Museum of Ancient Russian Art, Institute of Theory and History of Art Academy of Fine Arts and State Institute of Art Studies. Member of Presidium of the Federal academic council at Russian Ministry of Culture, Presidium of the expert council at Moscow heritage, Deputy Head of the “Architectural heritage” group, Head of the expert council for the Moscow cultural heritage, Head of the St. Basil's Cathedral restoration commission, etc.

Research interests

  • Moscow stone architecture of the Ivan the Terrible time


Andrey Batalov supervises doctoral research at St. Tikhon Orthodox University and leads last year students’ practical work at the Department of History and Theory of Christian art, Faculty of Church art.

Andrey Batalov has got about 100 publications, including a number of monographs on Moscow architecture of the 16thcentury.