Actual Problems of Theory and History of Art

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

16 December 2022 — 28 February 2023 SPbU Diaghilev Museum of Modern Art holds an exhibition of Vik’s paintings, an artist from St. Petersburg (Vycheslav Zabelin, 1953–2016) and ends series of events dedicated to the anniversary of Sergey Diaghilev, the founder of the Russian Seasons. A Vik’s picture “Escape to St.Petersburg” (2003) was the emblem Third "Acrual Problems of Theory and History of Art" conference in 2012. 

The exhibition opened right before New Year’s holidays, pervaded with a spirit of carnival, dance and poetry. Synthesis of plastic and temporary arts had always been the major theme in Vik’s works, who also was a scenic designer. (Viks's poetry in Russian)

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