Actual Problems of Theory and History of Art


Ph. D. in Art history, Deputy Director for Science of the State Art Institute of the Ministry of Culture of Russian Federation, leading researcher at Department of ancient Russian art

Graduated from the Department of architecture, Yerevan Polytechnic university in 1985 and completed his PhD “Origins of the Caucasian tetraconch churches with corner niches” in 1991. He completed his second PhD “Church architecture in the Caucasian countries in the 7thcentury: tradition formation and development” in 2007.

Armen Kazaryan is a member of Union of architects in Armenia, International Union of artists in Russia and ICOMOS/Armenia, representative of Armenia in ICORP/ICOMOS.

Research interests

  • Early Christian and Medieval architecture

  • Monumental sculpture in Armenia and Caucasian countries

  • Byzantine architecture

  • Some aspects of ancient Russian and Roman architecture

  • Armenian architecture of the 20–21stcenturies

  • Restoration



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