Actual Problems of Theory and History of Art


Ph. D., docent 

Born in Leningrad in 1937. In 1966 graduated from the Department of Art History at Leningrad State university, later completed a postgraduate course. Worked at the Peterhof museum. In 1975 finished his PhD “Italian influences in Russian art of the 16thcentury”.

He has lectured for more than 40 years. From 1973 has taught at the Department of History of Art (from 2006 at the Department of Russian art). From the beginning of the 1970s Valentin Bulkin has lead the Leningrad State university (now St. Petersburg State university) archaeological expedition. He studied a number of architectural sites in Kiev, Polotsk, Novgorod, Uglich, Tver, Belaya tserkov, etc. Alongside Ilya Antipov, he is the head of the St. Petersburg State university archaeological expedition for the 1styear art history students.

Research interests

History of Russian architecture of the 11–16thcenturies.


  • Ancient and Medieval Russian art

  • Medieval Russian art: research problems

  • Ancient and Medieval Russian art seminar

Most of leading specialists in history of Russian Ancient and Medieval architecture, painting and applied art, those work in St. Petersburg, are Valentin Bulkin seminar’s graduates. Hundreds of theses and more than 10 PhDs have been completed under his supervision.

He published about 200 academic papers, including a number of books.


  • Down the Neva and Volkhov rivers. Leningrad, 1981 (withO. Ovsyannikov)

  • Scholar, architect, mason. Leningrad, 1983 (with O. Ovsyannikov)

  • Feast of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin. St. Petersburg, 1997 (with N. Maltsev and A. Prokofyev)

  • Church of the nativity of St. John the Baptist in Kamennye polyany: research data (architectural archive. Vol. 12. Novgorod antiques, vol. 6). Moscow, 2000 (with O. Borovitskaya, I. Liubarova, O. Prudnikov)

  • St. Nicholas cathedral in St. Anthony Krasnokholmsky monastery: research data (architectural archive. Vol. 15), Moscow, 2001 (withA. Salimov)

  • Russianicon. St.Petersburg, 2008

  • On ancient Russian architecture. Selected articles. St.Petersburg, 2012

These days Valentin Bulkin along with Ilya Antipov is finishing a collective monograph “ Architecture of Medieval Novgorod according to archaeological data”. He also leads a research “Construction in Novgorod in the 11–15thcenturies: tools and technology. Universal handbook”.