КЕЛЕШ ВЕДАТ (Университет Ондокуз-Майис, Турция). Отношения Париона с Пергамом в свете археологических находок

VEDAT KELEŞ (Ondokuz Mayıs University, Turkey). Parion — Pergamon Relations in the Light of Archaeological Finds

Parion, located in the northwest of modern day Turkey on the exit of the Hellespontos with its geopolitical position and two harbours has been one of the most important political and commercial cities in the Northern Troas Region.

Mentioned to be founded as a colony in 709 BC, the ancient city of Parion is known to have follow a policy in favour of Athens during the Persian Wars and the Peloponnesian Wars and also to have been in close relations with Thrace. Though with the shifting in political balances and the emmerge of new great regnant powers during the Hellenistic Period, Parion has found itself surrounded with the vast strife of these new great powers.

One of the most important kingdoms in Asia Minor during the Hellenistic Age is undoubtedly the Pergamon Kingdom. As well as Pergamon becomimg the cultural center of Asia Minor, with the Attalid dynasty the city is known to dominate the whole western Asia Minor. Parion, throughout the Attalid domination should have been in close relations especially with Attalid ruled Pergamon. Archaeological excavations of Parion carried out since 2005 as well as quotes from ancient sources regarding the ancient city of Parion has revealed the the relations between Parion and Pergamon to be not only simply as political, but also possibly having cultural and religious aspects within these relations.

This work aims to put together the archaeological finds from Parion excavation and ancient written sources in order to establish the relations between the two cities of Parion and Pergamon.

Парион, Пергам, Атталиды, Северная Троада, эллинистический период

Parion, Pergamon, Attalids, Northern Troas, Hellenistic period