КАВАЛЬЕ ЛОРАНС (Университет Бордо, Франция). Монтень Памятник Нереид в Ксанфе: археология и цифровизация гуманитарного знания

LAURENCE CAVALIER (Bordeaux Montaigne University, France). The Nereid Monument at Xanthos: Archaeology and Digital Humanities

This presentation is the result of a collective research carried out within the frame of the program Archxant, a project mixing Archaeology and Digital Humanities dedicated to Xanthos, one of the major Unesco sites of Asia Minor. Co-funded by France and Quebec, ArchXant will lead to the creation of an internet platform dedicated both to the digital archiving of the excavation documentation and to its diffusion, from the private circle of specialists to the greater public. In my communication, I will first present shortly the philosophy of the program and how it joins in the most current trend of archaeological researches in the Mediterranean area before going into detail and give an overview of the different types of relevant documentation (notebooks, sketches, drawings, relevés, squeezes). I will then focus on the most famous edifice of Xanthos, the Nereid Monument which was discovered by Charles Fellows in 1840 and is today partially reconstructed in the British Museum. On the basis of the architectural study of the edifice, published in 1969 by the French archaeologists Coupel and Demargne, and thanks to photogrammetric pictures of architectural elements stored in London, the use of 3D technologies will allow to produce a model of the Nereid monument, assisted by interactive educational tools. This particular fold of the project, still in the making, proved to be very successful in terms of scientific progress and gave us the opportunity of completely reassessing our knowledge of the monument. The development of the 3D modelling made it possible to evaluate and criticize the monument reconstructions from the 19th century to the present day. Problems or inadequacies in the publication came into light and lead us to propose a new virtual reconstruction (still in the making), the preliminary images of it will be presented. In collaboration with the British Museum we are now exploring the possibility of confronting virtual reality with the anastylosis of the Nereid monument on display in London.

 памятник Нереид, Ксанф, Ликия, цифровизация гуманитарных наук, 3D моделирование, архитектура

Nereid Monument, Xanthos, Lycia, digital humanities,3d modelling, architecture