Actual Problems of Theory and History of Art


Ph. Art history, professor, Deputy Dean for research.

In 1978 he graduated from the Department of History and Theory of Art, Lomonosov State university. In 1981 he completed a postgraduate course and started working at the same department as an assistant, then senior lecturer and later associate professor. From 2009 he is a professor at the Department of History and Theory of Art. From 2007 he is the Head of the Department of World Art History. He also lectured at the Faculty of Philosophy and Faculty of Economy of Lomonosov State university and ran a module “Art of ancient Rome” at Russian State university for the Humanities. He had a 1 year internship at La Sapienza, University of Rome in 1992–1993.

He was awarded the Lomonosov State university Shuvalov award in 1994 for his monography “Classical tradition and art of the Renaissance (frescoes of Florentine and Roman villas)”.

Ivan Tuchkov is a member of the Moscow branch of the Dante Alighieri Society, Association of Art historians, International Council of Museums (ICOM), Moscow Union of artists. He is also a member of editorial board and editor in charge for “Italian compendium” and a member of editorial board for “Lazarev conrefence”.

In 1988 he completed his PhD “Monumental and decorative paintings in Roman Renaissance villas and the tradition of antiquity (Florence and Rome)” under the supervision by V. Grashchenkov. In 2008 he completed his second PhD “Image of Roman Renaissance villas: iconology and rhetoric ”.

Research interests

European antiquity and art after the Middle Ages, especially Italian art.


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