Title D.A. Butyrin’s reconstruction project of the church of Our Lady at Sennaya Square
Author email katrunova@mail.ru
About author Katrunova, Elena I. St. Petersburg State University, student
In the section Russian Art of the 19th and Early 20th Centuries
Year 2012 Volume 2 Pages 413415
Type of article RAR Index UDK 72.025.5; 72.035(47+57)5 Index BBK 85.03

D.A. Butyrin’s project for reconstructing the Assumption church on Sennaya square in St. Petersburg, destroyed in 1961, is the best proposal for recuperation of a lost monument of architecture. Butyrin suggests to build the church in the forms of 1830–1860ies and to integrate it into existing surrounding.

Reference Katrunova, Elena I. D.A. Butyrin’s reconstruction project of the church of Our Lady at Sennaya Square. Actual Problems of Theory and History of Art: Collection of articles. Vol. 2. Eds: Anna V. Zakharova. St. Petersburg, NP-Print Publ., 2012, pp. 413–415. ISSN 2312-2129.
Publication Article language russian
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