Requirements for poster design

Poster size for 2016 conference: 594 x 841 mm (A1 format)

Page layout vertical or horizontal.

Using Microsoft Office Publisher or any graphics editor program might be a great help.

Fully imposed version of your presentation in PDF format are to be received by us before September 1, 2016.

A poster presentation is a brief summary of your research or creative project in a visually engaging way. It usually has the same chapters as your research paper:


  • The purpose of your research
  • Methods of your research
  • Results and its discussion
  • Summary 
  • References

Cover Page layout requirements 

  • Heading: Name, place, date. ( The 7th International Conference “Actual Problems of Theory and History of Art”, St. Petersburg, 2016)
  • Title
  • Author(s)
  • Information about the author(s) (degree, position, full official name of the organization (not the department) where you study or work in English and complete address of this organization including the postal code. E-mail)
  • Author’s contact information. (address, E-mail etc.)
  • Name and occupation of your scientific adviser (for students)
  • Please, leave an empty space in the upper right corner of your cover page (12 x 4 cm) for official use.


  • Illustrations should be visible and text should be readable from around 1 meter or further.
  • Illustrations has to be at least 300 dpi and ready for print.

We ask you to e-mail your poster’s layout to our editing department ( before August, 2016) after the organizing committee makes a favorable decision on your request. In return, our editor will send you his remarks and comments on your work. The final version of your poster layout (mark your letter “re: poster”) has to be e-mailed to us before September 1, 2016.