Posters are a legitimate and popular format for a research presentation, and most scientific conferences include poster presentations in their program. At the “Actual Problems of Theory and History of Art” International Conference we welcome poster presentations since 2014. This type of format allows the author to communicate with the audience more efficiently and in direct contact, facilitating a greater exchange of ideas.

Poster presentations should to be submitted in written form. Your presentation should not last for more than 20 min. A poster is usually a mixture of a brief text mixed with pictures and other presentation formats. Texts should be submitted in either English, or Russian, or both of these languages. Poster design, appearance and layout (horizontal or vertical) are at the discretion of the author.

Poster presentations are included into the conference programme (printed and web versions). Poster presentation layouts will be published on our web site. 

A participant with a poster presentation is considered a full-fledged participant of the conference and has a right to take part in all events held during the conference, a right to receive help with accommodations and a right to have his/her extended research published in “Actual Problems of Theory and History of Art” annual book.